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product Qingzhou Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., Shaxian County, Fujian Province 2024-05-17 18:50:39 206

product number: 350402

CAS NO: 8000-41-7

EINECS NO: 232-268-1

source: semi-synthetic mixture

color: colorless liquid

aroma: with lilac aroma

density: 20 ℃,0.9310~0.9370

refraction: 20 ℃,1.4825~1.4855

distillation range: 214~224 ℃, ≥ 96%(v/v)

packing: galvanized iron drum

flash point: 92 ℃

: Dissolved in 70% ethanol by 2 times volume

Uses: Mix soap and cosmetic essence, and can be used in ink, instrument, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as as as a solvent for colors on glassware or magnets.

stability: extremely stable to heat and alkali, but not very stable to acid and does not cause discoloration.